GY Industry Electronics

Provides You a Wide Spectrum of Analog and Digital Electronics

Customer Related Design Solutions, Concepts and Speedy Production

Electronic Products

- Smart Home Systems and Module
- X10-Technology
- Home Automation
- Single-chip applications for a wide range of electronic systems

Industrial electronics, automotive industry, telecommunications, consumer goods industry, office systems technology, home automation and home entertainment.

Intelligent Solutions on PCB

- Pre-Production
- Test Series
- Prototyping
- Full Scale Production
- Software and
   Hardware Solutions

All service around printed circuit board design, development, production, electronic assemblies, complete modules and systems.

Concept and Design

- Design of smart solutions

- Advice and selection for economic components

- Comprehensive development support

- Production as a result of optimizing all post-processes up to final step:

- Quick delivery

Company Profile

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- GY Industry upcoming to European market
- GY main policy and service for customer
Plastic injection moulding
   for the range of electronics (German only)

Applications for almost all areas of industry
from single-chip PCB to multilaterally module systems

Printed Circuit Board Design

Concept, Development, Production

SMD, Single Chip and High Tech Service for PCB

Product Overview:
Display Circuits
Industrial Controllers
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Signal Processing
Logic Systems Design
Communications, Radio and Telephone based Electronics
Hardware & Interface
Electronic Security
Controlling of temperature, light, liquids, positions, directions, speed
Laser Scanning - bar codes
Fault Diagnosis

Express Service:

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